Marketing and Sales for Business Professionals

"Marketing and Sales" is an instructive compilation outlining the fundamental aspects of selling, and business growth. It reveals a myriad of tried-and-true, cost-effective methods for developing a business to its fullest potential by using the often overlooked resources at hand.

Growing one's operation is a paramount concern for every sales person or business owner. While sometimes it may just grow naturally as a matter of course, there are always cost effective options available to help foster that growth and maximize the return on your investment.

Knowing your customers' needs and what motivates them is essential and vital to the development of any successful marketing campaign.

This comprehensive 12-15 hour course covers the following modules:

Module 1 An Introduction to Marketing and Sales
  • Recognise what we mean by the term "marketing."
  • Discover how to use low-cost publicity to get your name known.
  • Know how to develop a marketing plan and a marketing campaign.
  • Use your time rather than your money to market your company effectively.
  • Understand how to perform a SWOT analysis.

    Module 2 - Prospecting for Leads
  • Understand the importance of expanding your client base through effective prospecting.
  • Learn how to use a prospecting system to make you more successful.
  • Identify target markets and target companies with the 80/20 rule in mind.
  • Develop and practice networking skills at every opportunity.
  • Develop, refine, and execute the art of cold calling.

    Module 3 - Selling Smarter
  • Explain and apply concepts of customer focused selling.
  • Use goal-setting techniques as a way to focus on what you want to accomplish and develop strategies for getting there.
  • Apply success techniques to get the most out of your work.
  • Understand productivity techniques to maximize your use of time.
  • Identify ways to find new clients and network effectively.

    Module 4 - Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
  • Identify the steps you can take to build your credibility.
  • Identify the objections that you encounter most frequently.
  • Develop appropriate responses when prospective buyers throw you a curve.
  • Learn ways to disarm objections with proven rebuttals that get the sale back on track.
  • Learn how to recognize when a prospect is ready to buy.
  • Identify how working with your sales team can help you succeed.


    - Any where , Any time
      This workshop will take a minimum of 12 hours of your total time to complete.  You can complete the course at any time that suits over a 3 month period.  
    Venue:  Your computer
    Cost: =    $199 incl gst
    What's included:
      Upon enrolment each student gets 3 months to complete their online course. Each course provides students with
    comprehensive course manuals and Certificate of Completion after successful completion of the course.
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