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Negotiating for Results

Negotiating is a fundamental fact of life at any level.   Whether you are working on a project or fulfilling support duties, this one day negotiation training workshop will provide you with a basic comfort level to negotiate with both internal and external clients.

This highly interactive workshop includes techniques to promote effective communications and gives you techniques for turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving.   You will learn:

o Recognise the importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances.
o Identify the various negotiation styles and their advantages and disadvantages.
o Develop strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics.
o Gain skill in developing alternatives and
recognising options.
o Have the opportunity to practice the “how to” of these skills in a supportive environment

Topics covered:

v    What is Negotiation?
v      The Successful Negotiator
v      Preparing for Negotiation
v      The Nuts and Bolts
v      Making the Right Impression
v      Getting off to a Good Start
v      Exchanging Information
v      The Bargaining Stagei
v   Getting Past No and Getting to Yes
v      Dealing with Negative Emotions
v      Moving from Bargaining to Closing
v      The Closing Stage

  • Course Details:
  • Duration -  8 hours (online)
  • CPD Points for Real Estate in WA:  7 Elective CPD points
  • Cost for Real Estate CPD Students:  $179 incl. GST
  • What's included: personal login giving you access to the course content until 21st December 2018.  Youpersonal login details will be emailed to you within 1 business day.  All course purchases are non-refundable. You must begin and complete your course in the same calendar year if you wish to claim CPD points for that year.
    A Certification of Completion will be issued upon completion of the course.

  • Booking Procedure:  To book into this online course go to the booking page via the 'book here' button below and select the online course.  Once your booking is received you will receive full instructions and your login by email within 1 business day.
  • CPD Course Code: Fenton 12